Do you have a long-lost friend named “Hobby”?

It took me a long time to figure out what I like to do. This might sound strange, but I think it’s essential people know what their hobbies are, what they enjoy doing. Well, everyone should have at least one hobby. Hobbies are the soil that keeps the trees alive, or in another way, hobbies keep our lives positive and meaningful.

I used to be clueless whenever someone asked me what my hobbies were. It was either because I had too many answers or I didn’t know what I liked. When I was a kid, I liked drawing, writing my diary and playing with Legos. I was always busy with the games around me, and I honestly enjoyed them so much that I couldn’t decide which game I loved the most of all. Then, when I started school, all of a sudden, I lost interest in almost everything. Reading was still amusing for me, but no other thing attracted me anymore. For more than twelve years, I had no clue about what I liked whatsoever. However, not until one year ago did I realize how important it is to have some hobbies. Understanding this, I threw myself into as many activities as possible, with the hope of finding what I love doing. After around a year, I got my answer. Make-up, Cooking, and Spanish are what fascinate me the most.

Spanish to me isn’t just a language as many people perceive it. I like Spanish as a historical culture, a childhood memory, and finally, a unique language. I don’t think it’s necessary to talk about the history of the Spanish language because obviously, everyone knows it’s a Romance language that has been used for centuries. Spanish is used globally, especially in South America, due to colonization in the past. Therefore, it varies from one country (or even region) to another in terms of dialects, accents, and expressions. The funniest example of differences between different varieties of Spanish is the word “coger.” In Common-Spanish, this word simply means “to take” but in Mexican-Spanish, it means “to have intercourse.” Well, that sounds like a lot of misunderstanding! Yet these varieties make Spanish so special and diverse. I love listening to Spanish accents from different countries and pointing out the dissimilarities. For example, Venezuelans pronounce the letter “R” slightly like “D” and Spanish pronounce “C” with their tongue stuck out between their teeth and so on. All these characteristics make Spanish a challenging yet fascinating language to learn. It can be confusing when you talk to Spanish speakers coming from different countries, but isn’t it fun? Another thing that “lured” me into this language is music. When I was small, my mom would always play some Spanish songs from Enrique Iglesias to pump up the atmosphere, and keep me entertained. Growing up listening to Spanish music, I myself have built up strong interests in Spanish’s exclusive charismatic phonetics. These childhood interests have never gone away. On the other hand, they are developing, and forming me into a person who is in love with Spanish like how a kid falls in love with an enjoyable song.

So, my second love (this doesn’t mean I prefer Spanish more, every one of them is equal) is for make-up. I believe lots of people consider that there is nothing spectacular about make-up, and it’s too superficial to be a hobby. Some say make-up makes people fake because they cannot be their true selves, living with their real appearances, and some say make-up is basically just putting many products on your face, which is ridiculously simple. These opinions undoubtedly come from ignorant people who haven’t even tried doing make-up. They are obviously absurd (well, at least to me). Make-up is an art. If people admire body-painting, why don’t they appreciate make-up? In my point of view, doing make-up is like painting: it requires creativity, precision, practice, and personalities. There are no rules when it comes to make-up. If your eyeliner gel can work as an eyebrow gel, let it do both. If you don’t have eyeshadow primer, use concealer. Basically, people can do anything they want with their faces. However, putting make-up on is significantly different from doing make-up. While “putting” simply means applying cosmetics to your face, “doing” means you harmonize the colors, creating gorgeous looks by utilizing your tools. The thing I love the most about make-up is that it intensifies features. There is no such thing as “ugly women,” just women who don’t know how to make their beauty noticeable. Personally, I wear make-up for myself, not for others, because I feel more complete with it. This doesn’t mean that I lack confidence at all, it’s just if I don’t wear it, I feel like a part of me is gone. Sometimes I try creating unique looks with my own imagination and doing that does help me a lot in destressing and practicing my patience.

I love beauty and, cooking is another way for me to express it. I know there are lots of opinions about cooking; some say it’s not about the look but the quality, some say no one is going to try a dish if it looks messy. I say, how about making both happen? And that’s what I do: I make delicious food that looks alluring. It’s absolutely hard to balance the appearance and the quality. No one knows the reasons why sometimes food just doesn’t seem that nice, in spite of its excellence. Food on commercials always appears appetizing; however, some soups just fail to turn out physically attractive no matter how much you try to decorate them. Often the case is, the more you decorate, the worse it looks. But that’s what makes cooking astounding. Whenever I bake or cook, I always make sure every step is followed precisely and things don’t get in each other’s way. Normally, it’s better to think of the decoration of the food before making it so you can have ideas about how to use ingredients as colors, and details. When I first started cooking and baking, I never planned what I wanted to do in my head, but taking up this hobby has gradually made me a well-organized person. Another thing I’m fastidious about while cooking is the fragrance. For me, a complete dish must look glorious and smell heavenly. This doesn’t necessarily mean we have to put in chemical products or distort the recipe, it’s simply about creativity and knowledge. When I make cinnamon rolls, I will always double the amount of butter for coating so the rolls will be moist and smell ambrosial and delicated. Paying close attention, I have become more aware of the change in scent based on cooking duration, and combination of spice. In addition, I know more about international cuisine and the cultural aspect behind that, which is an intriguing way to learn about the world.

Hobbies are definitely not superficial; they have so many positive impacts on people. I don’t just talk about my hobbies with no purpose. I want to point out the importance of taking up hobbies: self-improvement, self-learning and self-control. These hobbies have always kept me amused, and released my stress. No one is too busy for a hobby, they are just not aware of the perks of having hobbies. I believe anyone’s life will get healthier when they realize what they love doing and actually do it.




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